Dua Lipa learned a lot from rough break-ups

Los Angeles: Singer Dua Lipa, who has been reported to be dating British actor and model Callum Turner, has now opened up about the influences of love splits on her life.

“I think overall, (dating) is just a little confusing. It’s either through friends of friends or people you trust where you can meet new people, because (dating) is not really so straightforward when you are, I guess, a public person,” she told Rolling Stone magazine.

She added: “I’ve had break-ups in my life where I felt like the only kind of break-up you could have was when things just ended really badly. Things ending in a nice way was such a new thing… it taught me a lot.”

Her remarks appear to be a reference to her split from her French boyfriend Romain Gavras, 42, the son of acclaimed film director Costa-Gavras. Reports began circulating in December the pair had broken up after eight months of dating, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Before Romain, Lipa had a two-year relationship with 24-year-old model Anwar Hadid.

Her rumoured current boyfriend Callum was last year linked to English model Mathilda Lowther, granddaughter of the 7th Earl of Lonsdale. He also spent four years involved with Vanessa Kirby, 35, famed for playing Princess Margaret on the first two series of ‘The Crown’.


Lipa also used her Rolling Stone chat to hit back at the criticism of her holidaying. The ‘Houdini’ hitmaker, who rang in New Year’s Eve in Rajasthan’s capital city of Jaipur, has insisted she shouldn’t need to justify taking a break from her work to travel the world.

She added: “I think people are quick to forget. I was on tour up until the end of December. I felt like I missed out on so much time with my family and friends. It shows how short our attention span is, which is why music comes out so much faster.”

“Of course, I was going to holiday and chill during the year that I was just going in the studio and had some time off. As long as I’m doing my job, hitting my deadlines, and getting my (work) done, then I will find a way to relax, too. It’s really work hard and play hard. Why not?”


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