I’m the kind of artiste who often ignores sensible advice

MUMBAI: Indie musician and actress Aditi Saigal also known as Dot, is the most engaged Gen Z actor-artiste of the country, and she has shared how the social media has always been kind to her, calling herself an artist who often ignores “sensible advice”.

With a staggering engagement rate of 24-26 per cent on her posts, Dot, who shot to fame with her acting as well as musical talent, in Zoya Akhtar’s directorial ‘The Archies’, has emerged as a breakthrough artiste of the year.

She composes, sings and writes the lyrics of all her songs. Dot has been topping the Indian music charts with her ‘Archies’ songs too. She has written and sang all four ‘Dear Diary’ themes picturised on Khushi Kapoor, as well as lent her voice to the character of Betty (Khushi), singing and composing the song ‘Asymmetrical’.

She has also sung the other two chartbusters ‘Dhishoom Dhishoom’ and ‘Sunoh’. These two songs are among the top-listened songs of India across all music platforms.

Dot said: “I’ve always said that I’ve been lucky enough that social media has always been kind to me. Since the beginning, the kind of love I’ve gotten from people about my music has been nothing but heartwarming. I used to call it ‘my little corner of the internet’. Of course, since ‘The Archies’, it’s definitely expanding.”


“Whether it’s music, more films, or some other venture, it’s hard not to look back at it all and be grateful to the people following along. Especially since I’m the kind of artiste who often ignores sensible advice and does whatever in the world she feels like,” she added.

Dot has recently released a new single titled ‘Girls Night’ that is going viral amongst music aficionados.

Talking further on her soaring popularity on the internet, she said: “Again, I’m lucky enough that more and more people want to listen to my music. So I guess even when my little corner of the internet is no longer so little, I’ll always have a soft spot for the people who engage with the work I put out.”


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