‘The Legend of Hanuman 3’ explores theme of immortality: Sharad Devranjan

MUMBAI: The creator of ‘The Legend of Hanuman’ Sharad Devranjan has shared that season three depicts the vast energies of Lord Hanuman intertwined with the king Ravan.

‘The Legend of Hanuman’ unfolds the journey of the warrior hero Hanuman, however, as the audience will move forward in the journey, they will discover little nuances that shaped the legendary win.

Elaborating on the same, Sharad, co-founder and CEO of Graphic India said: “Our series was shaped around the essential story of a young vaanar rediscovering his inner self. This, in itself, is a unique point of view as that journey of Lord Hanuman has not been depicted widely. We offer a fresh take on the legend.”

“This is Hanuman’s journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. In his younger version, we see traits of the legend he will become; playful, fun-loving, righteous, optimistic, humble, and authentically honest. Lord Hanuman’s journey is filled with challenges of the body, mind and soul, but no challenge is greater than his encounter with the king, Ravan,” he shared.


The creator further said that Ravan is the counterfoil to Hanuman’s journey of self-discovery.

“Through both characters we get to explore this much larger theme of immortality. While both are immortal — Ravan has now become numb to his endless life, whereas Hanuman has just awoken to his own power and immortality.

“In Season 3, we really get to contrast these two opposing views of how immortality can be both a blessing and a curse. This season is the story of those two lives intertwined by the cosmic wheel of destiny. King Ravan, whose end is soon beginning — and the immortal Hanuman, whose beginning shall never end,” he added.

‘The Legend of Hanuman 3’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


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